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Highland Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers

Members’ Questionnaire Background

The AGM in November agreed that the Committee should undertake a questionnaire to better understand what members' priorities and preferences are going forward.

We would love to have your answers, to gauge support for some ideas and seek suggestions from yourselves.

Please, if you are able, complete this anonymous and confidential online survey.


DO NOT HIT ENTER WHILE YOU ARE FILLING IN THE SURVEY AS THIS WILL SUBMIT THE FORM. In the event that you do submit the survey before you have completed it, email  

1. How long (in round years) have you been a member of the Highland Guild?

2. What is your main reason for being a member the Guild?

This section is about OPEN MEETINGS, which are the face-to-face social events at Strathpeffer.

3. In any year are you likely to come to at least one open meeting? Y/N/Maybe

4. If applicable, which of the following factors deter you from attending? Select up to three.

5. If an external speaker or demonstrator (not being a workshop) were invited to Strathpeffer would you be more likely to attend?  Y/N/Maybe

This section is about WORKSHOPS, which are limited focus events led by a specialist. Numbers are limited and there is an additional cost.

6. Are you likely to come to Workshops?  Y/N

7. If applicable, which of the following factors deters you? Select up to three.

8. Have you joined in any of the winter meetings on Zoom (not the specialist group zooms)?  Y /N

9. Do you live further than 25 miles from Strathpeffer?  Y/N

The Committee is considering holding at least one open meeting per year in different

locations around our region.

10. If you live OUTSIDE a 25-mile radius of Strathpeffer and a meeting was arranged in your area (eg a north venue; a south/west venue; an east venue) would you be likely to attend?

Y/N/ Maybe  (please add comment)

11. If you live WITHIN the 25-mile radius and a meeting was arranged elsewhere than Strathpeffer would you be likely to attend?  Y/N

12. Would you be interested in a day trip to a specialist venue eg a weaver, historic venue, as a coach party? Disregard issue of where you live in relation to this, and answer Yes if it is something you’d consider. Y/N.

13. Would you take part in an open, non-juried exhibition?  Y/N/Maybe

14. If you answered No to the previous question, would you be more likely to take part if it

were a touring exhibition?  Y/N/Maybe

15. Would you be interested in supporting the administration and running of an exhibition?  Y/N/Maybe

16. Do you have other comments, suggestions, ideas that you would like to see the Committee explore over the coming months?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!

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